About MyWebArchives

Welcome to MyWebArchives.com, an open archive repository. By the term 'repository' you may think that it is a place where you can find downloadable softwares, but sorry not at all, it is a repository of topics archives. Little confusing right? no problem you will be clear when you read the below explanation.

A small history

The idea of making this kind of site was repeatedly coming in to my mind when i was working on projects. I was thinking about a place where I can document all of my experiences in professional life and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime without any geographical or any other limitations. Apart from that I wanted to share this with others so that they can also benefit. Which is the reason I choose the best option available right now, that is web and resulted in MyWebArchives. What is the point in being a website developer and not doing something good for the web community?. It is my resposibility to give something back to my profession. The major advantage of creating a website for this kind of purposes is one can post, view, and edit from anywhere with a PC and internet connection.

MyWebArchives is a collection of articles, documents, tutorials, resources mainly related to LAMP and ofcourse travelogs. MyWebArchives mainly consists of two parts, one for Tech Archives and another for Tour Archives. Tech Archives is related to technical topics and Tour Archives is related to nature & tours. Initially only first one was the objective but later Tour Archives also added, so that everything can be manged at a single place.


Due to lack of time and not being a content writer, I could not be able to sit for long and write a whole story about a particular topic. Most of the topics will be in brief and to the point. You will find links to other sites and that may help you to understand more clearly. This site is not a final destination to your needs, rather it is a bridge to your destination. I am not claiming whatever posted here are best, 100% correct and will solve your problem, those are just what I understood about a matter or a problem. I do my best to make my writings worthy.

Any one can use this site and can refer others to this site. You can place links to this site from your blog or website, provided those are not related to adultery or illegal activities.

It will be always a pleasure if you give your feedback and comments on website and topics so that next time I can be more focused and bring changes.